Use This Site as a Web App

Very few of us have been regularly sharing our gratitude on the site and tapping into this beautiful, supportive and inspiring community of like-minded people.The problem is that it can be a pain in the ass to visit yet another site and log in each time.

If you have a smartphone, you can use the website like an app. This is not a real app* but it does work really well; allowing us to share and connect with one tap.


Follow these steps using your smartphone.

If you’d like assistance, give me a call 505.333.9336.

Step One: Log In and  Remember Me


Tap on the menu button ( to the right of our logo)


Enter your username and password

Check the box that says REMEMBER ME


Step Two: Add to Home Screen

After you login you will be at the Site Wide Activity page.

Tap the browser share button (on iphone/ipad) or menu button (usually  on android and  on windows phone).

Tap ADD TO HOME SCREEN or for windows tap PIN TO START.

That’s It!

You will see our logo on your home screen. Tap the logo to share your gratitude, your struggles with finding gratitude and to support each other. Let’s commit to doing this regularly. Because we don’t just give thanks. We give a shit about each other.



* I have been thinking of doing a kickstarter to create a real app.


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