Let’s Talk Gratitude

Antonia Montoya will hold space for gratitude on May 26th. Call her anytime 8-8 for a gratitude connection: she will listen and if you would like she will share a blessing, an offering of support, guidance, encouragement, a smile or a laugh. Share with her the beauty you see in your space and she will share with you the beauty she sees in hers. If you are having a difficult day, she will support you. Breathe together. Move your body together. Connect over gratitude.


“My life is full of beautiful gratitude experiences and connections. I would love to experience that one-on-one with you.”Antonia


WHO: You. Because you believe in gratitude and want to share in a gratitude connection.

WHEN: May 26, 2015  |  8:00am – 8:00pm (MT)  |  No appointment needed. Talk as little or as long as you’d like.

WHERE: by phone. Call 505.333.9336.




Antonia Montoya has been noticing, appreciating and sharing her gratitude publicly since May 2011. She created this website to hold space for like-minded people to gather, connect, practice gratitude, learn, be inspired and supported. Great things happen when you notice, appreciate and share your gratitude. All of us interconnected, fulfilled, full of wonder, healthy, wealthy, and well.

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