Start By Giving Yourself This Gift

A day out of the ordinary to be mindful, reflect, appreciate, take care of ourselves and be ready to give back.

Remember how that feels to have a day all to yourself?

No work, no kids, no responsibilities, no worries.

♥ Feeling the sun on your skin

♥ Hearing the leaves underfoot

♥ Tasting and savoring amazing foods

♥ Smelling the perfume of flowers in bloom

♥ Seeing beauty at every turn

♥ And at the end feeling like you have a lot more to give

    Join Us

    Saturday, February 11, 2017

    Albuquerque, NM

    Day: 10 – 6pm

    Evening + Overnight:
    7 – 11pm then check out by 10am on the 12th

    A Day of Gratitude. A Day for Ourselves. We Will Recharge and Be Fulfilled.


    The day will be all about choice and possibilities. We will have some scheduled gratitude group activities, ceremony, learning and discussions. We will gather to share our gratitude as it emerges. We will gratefully share a meal together.


    But there will also be a lot of follow-your-whim opportunities: for alone time, reading, meditating, soaking in the hot tub, napping, creativity, crafting, or huddling in a small group to laugh.


    Balancing self-care and caring for our loved ones and making the world a better place can be challenging. During this retreat we will practice gratitude and self-care but it will be more than that. We will learn some skills to help us become a lot more aware of what we need and what we are able to give. This will help us more gracefully and effectively balance self-care and giving back.

    An Unforgettable Day

    After a nice break we will come together to share our evening meal.

    Then … We will roll up the carpets … And let the party begin!

    There will be a dance party so we can shake and shimmy, celebrating a lovely day. We can also play pool, drink, snack, soak in the hot tub, sneak away to read, whatever they hell we want!

    Grateful Dreams!

    Enjoy a great night’s sleep in this beautiful home. You can choose from one of the four private rooms or having your own bed in one of the common rooms.

    If you want to have the option to go to sleep before 11pm, I suggest you reserve a private room.

    See the rooms below. Click each photo for more info.

    TREAT YOURSELF Gratitude Retreat

    Saturday, February 11, 2017



    Contact Antonia 505.333.9336 for special accommodations, payment plans, sharing beds, dietary restrictions, more info or to choose your room.

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