Your Gratitude Wants Out

Your gratitude wants out. Out of your head. Out of your journal. Out of silent prayers. That feeling of longing you have … That something bigger is at play?

Is truth.

Is connection.

It is being vulnerable and sharing your open heart. Beginning in explosions of feeling. Beginning in thoughts. Beginning in silence. Beginning in noticing. Beginning in a sensation in your body that catches in your throat. All of this beginning is creating the longing. A beginning that pauses, fizzles, left hanging, an outreached hand.

It doesn’t want to stay caught in your throat. Your vulnerable open-hearted gratitude craves a safe landing. On a pillow of connection. With other open hearts. In gratitude. A community emerging. A community called. A community, unsure and unknown, who shows up anyway.

It is us. Let’s practice together.

Practicing Gratitude – in silence, in words, in community

$12 – at the door or – Click to Prepay

Sunday, September 25, 4-5pm at Farm & Table Farm Deck (8917 4th St NW)


another great service of Sendero Wellness LLC


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