Gratefully Parenting


You Will Experience:

Feeling more connected with your child.
Setting limits in a way that actually works.
Facilitating your child becoming a loving confident fulfilled independent compassionate adult.
Understanding what the heck your child really needs when they are acting out.
Improving your relationship with your partner or other adults in your life.
Feeling calm, confident, energized, and grateful.

Nobody wants to be told how to parent. Nobody wants to be judged. What we do want is to keep learning and growing in a supportive environment.

Now is the time. It’s not too late and it’s not too early. Whether you have five kids like Jean, grandkids, no kids like Antonia, or an infant you will get a lot out of this program. Because it’s not just gratefully parenting it is also gratefully relationshiping. Facilitated by Antonia Montoya and Jean Zitting, Certified Positive Discipline Facilitators with many years of experience facilitating groups and coaching with a focus on gratitude and learning from successes.

A seven week class based on the teachings of Positive Discipline and the Whole Brain Child*


Together we will learn some new skills and strategies that we can put to use right away. We will learn while also honoring our own strengths, knowledge and intuition; feeling OK to take what works for us and ditch the rest.


Let’s send a ripple of compassion out into the world!

Start 2018 off on the right foot!

Saturday, January 6th
Sunday, January 14th
Saturday, January 20th
Sunday, January 28th
Saturday, February 3rd
Sunday, February 11th
Saturday, February 17th

Time – 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location – Albuquerque, NM
Cost – $245 per person/partners*

*a parenting partner may accompany for free – parenting partner can be anyone in the child’s life that would like to share in the gratefully parenting experience.

A self-paced introduction and 3 lessons through videos, reading, photos, downloads and discussion.

Antonia Montoya

I am a health educator and gratitude specialist with over 15 years facilitation experience. I am certified to teach Positive Discipline which is a perfect fit with my passion for gratitude and my focus on a strength-based approach to behavior change.

Jean Zitting

I am a certified health and wellness coach and certified to teach Positive Discipline.  I have found that motherhood and married life have given me plenty of opportunities to practice patience and listening skills. In coaching as in life, it always works best to let people choose their own direction and to be supportive by asking powerful questions and letting them decide how they want to be supported. Remembering that life is meant to be fun is what guides me through this beautiful adventure!

*Reading these books is not required.

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