Join like-minded people who are all about gratitude for a fun day of riding, giving and enjoying each other’s company.


What: Gratitude Bike Parade & Party

When: April 2, 2016 2-5pm

Where: Begin and End at Kellys Brew Pub


Give: Project Connect will be collecting items the homeless people they work with are requesting: shoes, socks, hygiene products, backpacks and purses


2-2:45 Gather at Kellys – Have a drink, get to know each other
2:45-3:15 Our Ride! (First part)
3:15-4:15 Relax, eat and drink at Green Jeans
4:15-4:45 Our Ride (Second part)
4:45-? Relax at Kellys




We will wear capes! Make and/or decorate a cape. Just make sure it is short. You don’t want it getting caught in your spokes as we ride. Maybe even write what you are grateful for on your cape.


Here’s an instructional video for
making a no-sew cape



facebookGroupCollecting Gratitude Collective



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