Thank you for being here … I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Antonia Montoya, born, raised, and gratefully living in Albuquerque, NM.

I am the creator of Our Gratitude Collective and the facebook community: Collecting Gratitude Collective (along with Mccabe Russell) as well as Change is Yours and the Inspiring Gratitude Subscription. This fulfilling work is my calling and passion, and is strengthened by my MS in Health Education and Certified Health Education Specialist.  I primarily do consulting, workshops and health and wellness coaching. My clients focus on gratitude and learn from their successes in order to make the positive changes they want in their lives.

But it is my personal gratitude practice that is really important here.

My Gratitude Journey

In May 2011, my life was thrown into a boiling vat of uncertainty when I was dumped by my life partner. Sad, broke and afraid, I called on friends and family to distract me with conversation, food and Cinco de Mayo festivities. When I arrived home, overwhelmingly alone, the pungent smell of Russian Olive blooms brought me out of my head and into the moment. I went inside and posted this on Facebook:

Today I’m grateful for the support of my loving friends and family … The warmth of the sun on my skin … The intoxicating smell of Russian Olive blooms.

A daily ritual was born that evening, one that would go on to improve my life and the lives of many who are touched by the wake of positivity. I have been writing my personal gratitude every single day since then and sharing it publicly most of those days.

I hope you will join us. When we notice, appreciate, and share our gratitude it grows exponentially right before our very grateful eyes.


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