All of us invest in gratitude because we value it. We believe in gratitude. We commit to gratitude. We are a community united in gratitude. That is why we are here and that’s why we invite others to be here with us.
The Gratitude Affiliate program was created because we naturally invite others to join us here and as a collective, we should all pay in to it as well as financially benefit from it.

  • Set up your affiliate profile including your PayPal/bank account information for deposits.
  • Find your affiliate link in your profile and share it with those you would like to invite.
  • Affiliates receive $1/month for every $5 Inspired by Gratitude membership that joins using their affiliate link. You will receive that amount every single month for each person you bring in!
  • All affiliates must be members at the $5 level or above. If you cancel your membership, your affiliate payments will also be automatically canceled.


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Gratitude, Values, Money

I have learned an interesting lesson about gratitude, values, and money. One way that I am able to find gratitude for paying bills is to really understand how the service or product connects with my values. Spending my money on things I value is a beautiful thing. It takes something that could stress me out and reframes it to a practice of integrity. When my spending is in line with my values my integrity is strong.

Show me what you spend your money and time on and I will show you who you are. Antonia Montoya

This quote really brings it home and reminds me that whether I am investing money or time it is still an investment. After I learned this valuable lesson, I realized that I never spend money on many of the things I value. I have since committed to put money down on products and services that I value. It helps assure the presence of those products and services now and in the future. Further it helps improve my sense of integrity.


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