What will you do at your gratitude party?

The last time I did a vision statement for my business and life the imagery and sounds of a party came up again and again. This surprised me because I don’t always like going to parties. I really value time in my own nest alone and with my partner as well as one-on-one time with close friends. The best parties for me are those in which I sink into a comfy chair and get into deep conversations with someone. So while I definitely don’t see myself as a cliche party animal, especially now that I don’t drink, I do get energized and excited about parties. I love the snacks, music, dancing, and pairing up for deep conversations. What is interesting about parties is that they vary tremendously depending on the host and the people in attendance. Some are formal, some are structured, some revolve around food, some revolve around conversations, some around dancing. Regardless of all the details, what appeals to me the most is connecting with others. So while I don’t like all parties I definitely like the idea of celebrating. So here is my ideal party:

  • It is a celebration.
  • I connect with others through conversations and shared moments.
  • I enjoy myself. I smile.
  • I am spontaneous. I don’t have unrealistic expectations.
  • I listen to music and maybe even dance.
  • I am appreciative.

When I see this list I realize that my life is this party. I hope to have this party every where I go and everything I do. Talk about being energized and excited! Now I want to have the intention that every day I am a walking celebration. I am the embodiment and host of a kick-ass gratitude party and everyone is invited.


quoteWhen we come together to play and be we are truly ourselves. When we are truly ourselves it is wonderful and when we act collectively in that wonder we do transformative work for our community and our world.
~Brad Colby


My name is Antonia Montoya, born, raised, and gratefully living in Albuquerque, NM. When we notice, appreciate, and share our gratitude it grows exponentially right before our very grateful eyes. I hope you will join our gratitude collective.


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