February 11, 2015

2nd Annual 1000gratitudes

Online, In-Person in Albuquerque, NM and in Boulder, CO


Gratitude Event Infiltrates Social Media with Positivity

Take to the internet on Wednesday, February 11th armed with your personal gratitude and the #1000gratitudes hashtag and you can join a group of people collectively posting 1000 gratitudes. This is the second annual event which began last year when Our Gratitude Collective founder, Antonia Montoya, posted her 1000th gratitude post on Facebook and challenged others to join her. This year’s event will not only take place online but will also include a gratitude party from 4-9pm in Albuquerque. The party brings together like-minded people for meditation, a gratitude dance class based on ecstatic dance, facilitated discussions, collective art projects, and culminates in a two-hour dance party. Throughout the event there will be gratitude-sharing, a potluck, a craft table for creating gratitude boards and even Valentine’s to thank your loved ones. The Collective will also hit the streets before the event with acts of gifting and gratitude. Margaret Cousins said, “Appreciation can change a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary.” This event is your opportunity to put your gratitude into words and into action.

Location: The Kosmos, 1715 5th St. NW, Albuquerque. Time: 4-9pm. Cost: $5 (kids get in for free). The online event will take place all day. Scroll down for more information.


Online Event

  • We will each write one thing we are grateful for every hour on the hour that we are awake (or when we can).
  • Change your profile picture to the #1000gratitudes profile pic for the day. Just download and then upload as your profile photo. DOWNLOAD
  • Gratitude Graffiti: Write the word(s) Gratitude, Grateful, Thank You, 1000gratitudes, Appreciate, Blessings, or your preferred grateful word where everyone can see it. Some ideas include writing it on your skin with body paint/makeup, a sign in your car, shoe polish on your car windows, sidewalk chalk, write it in the sand, write it with sticks in the bosque, write it on every email you send. Snap a photo or screenshot of it and share it with us online.
  • Host a 1000gratitudes event in your city. Some ideas from the collective include: a group meditation, a poetry reading, a music event, etc. Whatever you do, make sure you include sharing personal gratitude as part of your event.


Gratitude Party in Albuquerque

Join us for a kick-ass party with meditation, workshops, art, gifting, crafts, potluck, gratitude-sharing, hugs, and a DANCE PARTY!

4-9pm on Wednesday, February 11, 2015
The Kosmos, 1715 5th Street NW
$5 admission (bring the kids for free)



4:00-4:30 Welcome Ceremony

4:30-5:00 Meditation, led by fellow Collective Member, Allisun Hull

5:00-6:00 Moving with Gratitude (based on Ecstatic Dance), led by Collective Member, Miche Restaino

6:00-7:00 Finding Gratitude on a Shitty Day Discussion, led by Collective Member and founder, Antonia Montoya

7:00-9:00 DANCE PARTY! – Comment below if there’s a song you would like to add to the playlist.

DROP IN ANYTIME 5-9pm for:

  • Gratitude Wall – sharing our gratitude all day long, let’s cover the wall in gratitude
  • Potluck – and please bring a little something to share with the group
  • Craft Table – create your own gratitude board, make gratitude Valentine’s cards for your loved ones, make a dream or intentions board
  • Participatory Art Project – “I am grateful for _______________” chalkboard. All day long we will share our gratitude on the double-sided chalkboard … in words and drawings.
  • Gifting – we have a gifting culture, give the gift of your time with generous listening, bring a gift to share that you made by hand, give hugs, be loving, be generous, bring a cherished book, necklace or whatever to pass along to a kind stranger

Gratitude Party in Boulder, CO

4-7pm at Pearl Street Mall (By the Court House)


  • Let’s get together to write Gratitude in little note cards.
  • Hand down cards to strangers with the question: What are you grateful for today?
  • Write Gratitude on the walls, on the street, on your body, the possibilities are open!!!
  • We are looking for volunteers to help us with supplies for our own Participatory Art Project:

See EVENT PAGE for more information.

about 1000gratitudes

I have been writing daily gratitude and sharing it publicly on facebook since May 2011. February 11, 2014 was my 1000th day of posting gratitude for all to see. We celebrated by working together to post 1000gratitudes and we will do it again! Help celebrate 1000gratitudes in this collaboratively awesome way.


Help spread the word by sharing this page or just this flyer to your friends and family.


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