February 11th is 1000gratitudes


Gratitude Event Infiltrates Social Media with Positivity

Take to the internet on February 11th armed with your personal gratitude and the #1000gratitudes hashtag and you can join a group of people collectively posting 1000 gratitudes.


Online Event Details

  • We will each write one thing we are grateful for every hour on the hour that we are awake (or when we can).
    • Most of us will share our gratitude on the facebook event page. But you can share wherever you’d like: on ourgratitudecollective.com, on the Collecting Gratitude Collective facebook group, your facebook timeline, twitter, pinterest, or wherever you’d like.
    • Type #1000gratitudes somewhere in your post.
    • Make your post public so you we can all see it.
    • Your gratitude may be typed words, photos, videos, songs, meditation, prayers or whatever creative ideas you have.
  • Change your profile picture to the #1000gratitudes profile pic for the day.  DOWNLOAD
  • Gratitude Graffiti: Write the word(s) Gratitude, Grateful, Thank You, 1000gratitudes, Appreciate, Blessings, or your preferred grateful word where everyone can see it. Some ideas include writing it on your skin with body paint/makeup, a sign in your car, shoe polish on your car windows, sidewalk chalk, write it in the sand, write it with sticks in the bosque, write it on every email you send. Snap a photo or screenshot of it and share it with us online.


about 1000gratitudes

This is an annual event which began in 2014 when Our Gratitude Collective founder, Antonia Montoya, posted her 1000th gratitude post on Facebook and challenged others to join her.



I am Antonia Montoya and I have been writing daily gratitude and sharing it publicly on facebook since May 2011. February 11, 2014 was my 1000th day of posting gratitude for all to see. We celebrated by working together to post 1000gratitudes and we will do it again! Help celebrate 1000gratitudes in this collaboratively awesome way.



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Already a member? Our online gratitude party is on … get in here!


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